KKR all about SRK

kkr-websiteThis is what you see when you log on to the Kolkata Knight Riders website. Is this a cricket website? Not a cricketer in sight. Or is this a website promoting SRK? No wonder KKR are not doing very well languishing in last position on the points table, cricket is not the focus. KKR is more a vehicle for King Khan to promote himself as he battles for Bollywood supremacy with the Big B. Problem is he is taking quite a long time to realise that the whole pr plan will unravel and backfire if his team is not at least performing creditably. “Korbo lorbo jeetbo re” sounds a bit silly the way things are not shaping up. Not unlike Liverpool, there is always next year lads.


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2 responses to “KKR all about SRK

  1. Jai

    a very logical observation….SRK’s gyaan baazi & showbaazi is eating into KKR….

  2. hi srk im ur biggesssssssssssst fan

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